Species under Yoldia
n= 22
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Yoldia aeolica
(Valenciennes, 1846)
Northern Pacific and the Arctic
Yoldia beringiana
Dall, 1916
Yoldia callista
Bush, 1893
Western Atlantic 0.25
Yoldia casta
Verrill & Bush, 1898
Western Atlantic
Yoldia cooperii
Gabb, 1865
Cooper yoldia Eastern Pacific
Yoldia glauca
Kuroda & Habe, 1961
Northwest Pacific
Yoldia hyperborea
(Gould, 1841)
Northern yoldia Atlantic Ocean, Northwest and Eastern Pacific, Arctic
Yoldia japonica
(Adams & Reeve, 1850)
Northwest Pacific
Yoldia keppeliana
Sowerby, 1904
Yoldia lepidula
Adams, 1856
Yoldia limatula
(Say, 1831)
File yoldia Arctic and Northern Atlantic 5
Yoldia liorhina
Dall, 1881
Western Central Atlantic 1.3
Yoldia lischkei
Smith 1885
Northwest Pacific
Yoldia minima
Seguenza, 1877
Mediterranean Sea
Yoldia myalis
(Couthouy, 1838)
Oval yoldia Arctic, Northern Pacific and Northern Atlantic
Yoldia notobilis
Yokoyama, 1922
Northwest Pacific
Yoldia riograndensis
Esteves, 1984
Western Atlantic
Yoldia sapotilla
(Gould, 1841)
Shot yoldia Arctic and Western Atlantic 3.5
Yoldia seminuda
Dall, 1871
Oblique-lined yoldia Arctic and Pacific Ocean 4
Yoldia serotina
(Hinds, 1843)
Western Pacific
Yoldia similis
Kuroda & Habe, 1958
Northwest Pacific
Yoldia solenoides
Dall, 1881
Western Atlantic 1.25
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