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References used for species in the Family Acervulinidae
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Benedetti, A. and C. D'Amico, 2012 Benthic foraminifers and gastropods from the Gratteri Formation cropping out near Isnello (Madonie Mts., Sicily). Italian Journal of Geosciences 131(1):66-76., 2050
OBIS, 2015 Sphaerogypsina globulus (Reuss, 1848). OBIS Search Interface. [Accessed 7/13/2015].
Whittaker, J.E. and R.L. Hodgkinson, 1995 The Foraminifera of the Pitcairn Islands. 56:365-371. In T.G. Benton and T. Spencer (eds.), The Pitcairn Islands: biogeography, ecology and prehistory. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society.
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