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3134 Bouillon, J. and F. Boreo 2000 Synopsis of the Families and Genera of the Hydromedusae of the World, with a list of Worldwide species. Thalassia Salentina 24:47-296. 2000 Staurodiscus vietnamensis -->
7460 Migotto, A.E. and L.P. De Andrade 2000 The life cycle of hebella furax (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa): a link between a lafoeid hydroid and a laodiceid medusa. Journal of Natural History 34:1871-1888. 2000 Staurodiscus vietnamensis 1885
833 Ruppert, E.E., R.S. Fox and R.D. Barnes 2004 Invertebrate Zoology. A functional evolutionary approach. 7th Ed. Brooks/Cole, Thomson Learning learning, Inc. 990 p. 2004 Staurodiscus vietnamensis -->
3125 Bisby, F.A., Y.R. Roskov, M.A. Ruggiero, T.M. Orrell, L.E. Paglinawan, P.W. Brewer, N. Bailly and J. van Hertum (eds.) 2007 Species 2000 & ITIS Catalogue of Life: 2007 Annual Checklist. CD-ROM; Species 2000: Reading, U.K. 2007 Staurodiscus vietnamensis -->
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