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49 species with fin ray counts including ? spines in dorsal and ? in anal fins (see list below)
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Ceratophyllidia africana
No picture found

Ceratophyllidia papilligera
No picture found

Fryeria marindica

Fryeria rueppelli

Phyllidia babai
[Baba's Phyllidia]
No picture found

Phyllidia carlsonhoffi
[Carlsonhoff's Phyllidia]

Phyllidia coelestis
[Celestial phyllidia]

Phyllidia elegans
[Elegant phyllidia]

Phyllidia exquisita
No picture found

Phyllidia flava
No picture found

Phyllidia guamensis
No picture found

Phyllidia larryi
No picture found

Phyllidia madangensis

Phyllidia ocellata
[Ocellate phyllidia]
No picture found

Phyllidia picta
[Pustulose wart slug]
No picture found

Phyllidia polkadotsa
No picture found

Phyllidia tula
[Tula phyllidia]

Phyllidia varicosa
[Varicose phyllidia]
No picture found

Phyllidia willani
[Willan's Phyllidia]
No picture found

Phyllidiella annulata
No picture found

Phyllidiella cooraburrama
[Cooraburra phyllidiella]
No picture found

Phyllidiella granulata
No picture found

Phyllidiella lizae
[Liz's Phyllidiella]
No picture found

Phyllidiella molaensis

Phyllidiella nigra
[Black phyllidiella]

Phyllidiella pustulosa
[Vesicular sea slug]

Phyllidiella rosans
[Rosy phyllidia]

Phyllidiella rudmani
[Rudman's Phyllidiella]
No picture found

Phyllidiella zeylanica
[Ceylon phyllidiella]

Phyllidiopsis annae
[Anne's Phyllidiopsis]
No picture found

Phyllidiopsis bayi
No picture found

Phyllidiopsis berghi
No picture found

Phyllidiopsis blanca
[White phyllidid]
No picture found

Phyllidiopsis burni
[Burn's Phylliodiopsis]

Phyllidiopsis cardinalis
[Cardinal phyllidiopsis]
No picture found

Phyllidiopsis dautzenbergi
No picture found

Phyllidiopsis fissurata

Phyllidiopsis krempfi
[Krempf's Phyllidiopsis]
No picture found

Phyllidiopsis loricata
[Loricate phyllidiopsis]
No picture found

Phyllidiopsis monacha
No picture found

Phyllidiopsis phiphiensis

Phyllidiopsis pipeki
[Pipek's Phyllidiopsis]

Phyllidiopsis shireenae
[Shireen's Phyllidiopsis nudibranch]
No picture found

Phyllidiopsis sinaiensis
No picture found

Phyllidiopsis sphingis
[Sphinx phyllidiopsis]

Phyllidiopsis striata
[Striated phyllidiopsis]
No picture found

Phyllidiopsis xishaensis

Reticulidia fungia
[Warty nudibranchia]

Reticulidia halgerda
[Halgerda reticulidia]
49 Species of Family Phyllidiidae
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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Ceratophyllidia africana Indo-West Pacific.
Ceratophyllidia papilligera Western Atlantic. 3 TL
Fryeria marindica Western Central Pacific
Fryeria rueppelli Western Indian Ocean 4 TL
Phyllidia babai Baba's Phyllidia Western Central Pacific 7 TL
Phyllidia carlsonhoffi Carlsonhoff's Phyllidia Central Pacific.
Phyllidia coelestis Celestial phyllidia Indo-West Pacific 6 TL
Phyllidia elegans Elegant phyllidia Indo-West Pacific. 5 TL
Phyllidia exquisita Indo-West Pacific 3 TL
Phyllidia flava Mediterranean Sea.
Phyllidia guamensis Eastern Central Pacific
Phyllidia larryi Western Central Pacific
Phyllidia madangensis Western Central Pacific
Phyllidia ocellata Ocellate phyllidia Indo-West Pacific. 6 TL
Phyllidia picta Pustulose wart slug Western Central Pacific
Phyllidia polkadotsa Western Central Pacific
Phyllidia tula Tula phyllidia Central Pacific 8 TL
Phyllidia varicosa Varicose phyllidia Indo-Pacific. 7 TL
Phyllidia willani Willan's Phyllidia Western Central Pacific
Phyllidiella annulata Eastern Central Pacific
Phyllidiella cooraburrama Cooraburra phyllidiella Western Central Pacific
Phyllidiella granulata Western Central Pacific
Phyllidiella lizae Liz's Phyllidiella Western Central Pacific
Phyllidiella molaensis Western Atlantic. 4.5 DL
Phyllidiella nigra Black phyllidiella Indo-West Pacific.
Phyllidiella pustulosa Vesicular sea slug Indo-Pacific. 6 TL
Phyllidiella rosans Rosy phyllidia Indo-Pacific 3.5 TL
Phyllidiella rudmani Rudman's Phyllidiella Indo-West Pacific. 6 TL
Phyllidiella zeylanica Ceylon phyllidiella Indo-West Pacific. 6 TL
Phyllidiopsis annae Anne's Phyllidiopsis Indo-West Pacific. 1.5 TL
Phyllidiopsis bayi Mediterranean Sea.
Phyllidiopsis berghi Northeast Atlantic
Phyllidiopsis blanca White phyllidid Eastern Pacific. 2.5 TL
Phyllidiopsis burni Burn's Phylliodiopsis Western Central Pacific
Phyllidiopsis cardinalis Cardinal phyllidiopsis Indo-West Pacific 6 TL
Phyllidiopsis dautzenbergi Western Indian Ocean 2 TL
Phyllidiopsis fissurata Western Central Pacific
Phyllidiopsis krempfi Krempf's Phyllidiopsis Indo-West Pacific 7 TL
Phyllidiopsis loricata Loricate phyllidiopsis Western Pacific.
Phyllidiopsis monacha Western Indian Ocean
Phyllidiopsis phiphiensis Eastern Indian Ocean 3 TL
Phyllidiopsis pipeki Pipek's Phyllidiopsis Indo-West Pacific. 8.5 TL
Phyllidiopsis shireenae Shireen's Phyllidiopsis nudibranch Indo-West Pacific. 11 TL
Phyllidiopsis sinaiensis Western Indian Ocean
Phyllidiopsis sphingis Sphinx phyllidiopsis Western Central Pacific
Phyllidiopsis striata Striated phyllidiopsis Indo-West Pacific. 2 TL
Phyllidiopsis xishaensis Western Central Pacific
Reticulidia fungia Warty nudibranchia Indo-West Pacific. 4 TL
Reticulidia halgerda Halgerda reticulidia Indo-West Pacific 7 TL

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