Species under Hemilamprops
n= 25
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Hemilamprops abyssi
Gamo, 1989
North Pacific Ocean
Hemilamprops assimilis
Northeast Atlantic
Hemilamprops bicarinata
Ledoyer, 1988
Western Indian Ocean
Hemilamprops bigibbus
Gamo, 1974
North Pacific Ocean
Hemilamprops californicus
(Zimmer, 1936)
Northwest Pacific
Hemilamprops cristatus
(Sars, 1870)
Arctic, Northern Atlantic and the Mediterranean
Hemilamprops diversus
Hale, 1946
Southwest Pacific
Hemilamprops glabrus
Day, 1978
Southeast Atlantic
Hemilamprops gracilis
Hart, 1930
Northern Pacific
Hemilamprops izuanus
Harada, 1959
Western Central Pacific
Hemilamprops japonicus
(Harada, 1959)
North Pacific Ocean
Hemilamprops latus
Hale, 1946
Eastern Indian Ocean
Hemilamprops longisetae
Corbera, 2006
Western Central Pacific
Hemilamprops lotusae
Bacescu, 1969
Hemilamprops miyakei
Gamo, 1967
Northwest Pacific
Hemilamprops normani
Bonnier, 1896
East Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea
Hemilamprops pacificus
(Harada, 1959)
Western Central Pacific
Hemilamprops pectinatus
Lomakina, 1955
Northwest Pacific
Hemilamprops pellucidus
Zimmer, 1908
Southwest Atlantic and Antarctic
Hemilamprops roseus
(Norman, 1863)
North East Atlantic
Hemilamprops serrulatus
Ledoyer, 1977
Hemilamprops tanseianus
Gamo, 1967
Northwest Pacific
Hemilamprops ultimaespei
Zimmer, 1921
Southeast Pacific, Southwest Atlantic and the Antarctic
Hemilamprops uniplicata
Arctic and Northwest Atlantic
Hemilamprops uniplicatus
(Sars, 1872)
Arctic and Northeast Atlantic
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