Species under Hydractinia
n= 30
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Hydractinia aculeata
(Wagner, 1833)
Hydractinia aggregata
Fraser, 1911
Eastern Pacific
Hydractinia altispina
Millard, 1955
high-spined commensal hydroid Southeast Atlantic
Hydractinia americana
(Edwards, 1972)
Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
Hydractinia angusta
Hartlaub, 1904
Antarctic Pacific
Hydractinia antonii
Miglietta, 2006
Northwest Pacific
Hydractinia arge
(Clarke, 1882)
Western Atlantic
Hydractinia armata
Fraser, 1940
Eastern Pacific
Hydractinia borealis
(Mayer, 1900)
Northeast Atlantic
Hydractinia californica
Torrey, 1904
Eastern Pacific
Hydractinia carica
Bergh, 1887
Northern Atlantic, Northwest Pacific and Arctic
Hydractinia carnea
(Sars, 1846)
smoothspined snailfur Western Central Pacific and Northeast Atlantic
Hydractinia carolinae
Fraser, 1912
Western Atlantic
Hydractinia dendritica
Hickson & Gravely, 1907
Hydractinia dubia
(Mayer, 1900)
Western Atlantic
Hydractinia echinata
(Fleming, 1828)
snailfur Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean
Hydractinia fucicola
(Sars, 1846)
Hydractinia laevispina
Fraser, 1911
Northwest Atlantic, Eastern Pacific and Arctic Oceans
Hydractinia milleri
Torrey, 1902
Miller hydractinia Eastern Pacific 2.5
Hydractinia minima
(Trinci, 1903)
Western Atlantic and the Mediterranean
Hydractinia minuta
(Mayer, 1900)
Western Atlantic, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Sub-Antarctic and temperate waters of northern hemisphere
Hydractinia monocarpa
Allman, 1847
Atlantic Ocean, Northwest Pacific and the Arctic
Hydractinia pacifica
Hartlaub, 1905
white bottlebrush hydroid Southeast Pacific
Hydractinia parvispina
Hartlaub, 1905
Antarctic Atlantic
Hydractinia polycarpa
Fraser, 1938
Eastern Pacific
Hydractinia polyclina
Agassiz, 1862
Western Atlantic
Hydractinia selena
(Mills, 1976)
Western Atlantic
Hydractinia symbiolongicarpus
Buss & Yund, 1989
Western Atlantic
Hydractinia symbiopollicaris
Buss & Yund, 1989
Western Atlantic
Hydractinia valens
Fraser, 1941
Western Atlantic
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