Species under Padina
n= 13
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Padina antillarum
(Kützing) Piccone
Indo-Pacific and Western Central Atlantic
Padina australis
Hauck, 1887
Padina boergesenii
Allender & Kraft
Western Indian Ocean
Padina boryana
Indo-West Pacific
Padina distromatica
Western Indian Ocean
Padina durvillaei
Eastern Central Pacific
Padina fernandeziana
Skottsberg & Levring, 1941
Southeast Pacific
Padina gymnospora
(Kützing) Sonder, 1871
Funnelweed Atlantic Ocean 6.5
Padina jonesii
Western Central Pacific
Padina minor
Brown sea fan Indo-Pacific
Padina pavonica
(Linnaeus) Thivy
Peacock's tail Indo-West Pacific, Eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean
Padina sanctae-crucis
Børgesen, 1914
Indo-Pacific and Western Central Atlantic
Padina tetrastromatica
Hauck, 1887
Indo-West Pacific
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