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English Abbr. French Spanish Portuguese
cheek joue mejilla bochecha
fingerling juvénile alevín juvenil
Fish in jelly, in jelly, jelly
gular gulaire yugal?? jugular
Hebrew University, Jerusalem, University, Jerusalem, Jerusalem HUJ Hebrew University, Jerusalem Universidade Hebraica, Jerusalém
J.F. Bell Museum of Natural History, Minneapolis, J.F. Bell Museum of Natural History JFBM J.F. Bell Museum of Natural History, Minneapolis J.F. Bell Museum of Natural History, Minneapolis J.F.Bell Museu de História Natural, Miniapolis
J.L.B. Smith Institute of Ichthyology, Grahamstown, Smith Institute of Ichthyology, Institute of Ichthyology RUSI J.L.B. Smith Institute of Ichthyology, Grahamstown J.L.B Instituto Smith de Ictiologia, Grahamstown
Jacks and pompanos, and pompanos, pompanos carangues carángidos Caranjídeos
Japan Sea, Sea
Japanese threadfin bream, threadfin bream, bream
Japanese trawl, trawl
Java Sea
Jawfishes opistognátidos Opistognatídeos
jaws mâchoires mandíbulas mandíbulas
Jean P. Haydon Museum, P. Haydon Museum, Haydon Museum JPHM Jean P. Haydon Museum
Jellied eels, eels
jellyfish méduse medusas sifozoários
Jellynose fishes, fishes ateleopódidos Ateleopodídeos
Jersey fish, fish
Jerusalem Museum, Museum Jerusalem Museum Museu de Jerusalém
jigging turlutte pesca con poteras toneira
Jordan's Rule, Rule
jugular jugulaire yugular jugular
junior homonym, homonym homonyme plus récent homónimo reciente? homónimo junior
junior synonym, synonym synonyme plus récent sinónimo reciente? sinónimo junior
Jurassic jurassique jurásico jurássico
justified emendation, emendation émendation justifée corrección justificada correção justificada
Jutjaws parascorpídidos Paraescorpidídeo
juvenile juvénile juvenil juvenil
juvenile stage, stage stade juvénile
mesh gauge, gauge jauge de maille
pelagic juvenile, juvenile
Poor John, john
upper jaw length, jaw length, length
Zouger jar, jar
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